Send & Receive Text Messages on Your Computer
Get a secure, disposable phone number in seconds.


  1. Purchase credits for $8.99 (typicially lasts one to three months depending on usage)
  2. Get one or more phone numbers of any US area code you choose (subject to availability)
  3. Give this number to strangers, people on craigslist, people you meet at the bar, or anyone you don't want to give your real phone number to

Use it when selling stuff on Craigslist

  1. Have calls optionally forwarded to your existing line
  2. Enjoy the modern web interface to send & receive text messages
  3. Dispose of the number when you are done -- or optionally renew it every month

Use it for strangers you meet at the bar

  • Optionally have text messages delivered to your cellphone.
  • Messages between two disposable.io users are 128-bit secured end-to-end!

Use it as a cellphone replacement

  • Only $8.99 pre-paid to get started
  • Send & receive text messages on your computer
  • For maximum privacy, use multiple phone numbers for different purposes

Use it for secret agent stuff

  • Hosted on a physically secureed hosting provider.
  • Strict privacy policy to guard the service's users
  • Messages between two disposable.io users are 128-bit secured end-to-end

Use it for your business

  • Conduct business on a separate phone number
  • Keep the number every month, or get a new phone number for each project
  • Ideal for
    • Acting & talent agencies
    • Human Resources & Hiring Managers
    • Auto-shops and services industry
    • Apartment complexes
    • Restaurant and Hospitality industries