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Disposable Phone Numbers

Hi there!

What can you do with disposable.io?  

Here are the top three ways to get started with the service.


Get a free 555 number.  Once you create an account, did you know you can get one of those 555 numbers they use in the movies?  All 555 numbers are free on disposable.io, and there are no fees or text message limits.  Ask a friend to sign up and send some free test messages today.


Get a real phone number.  That's our bread and butter.   Within seconds, you can get a real phone number of any area code you want.  Baltimore? Check.  Los Angeles? Check.  Almost all US area codes are supported.

Use it for strangers on Craigslist, strangers at a bar, or even just to have a separate number for work or business.  Our SMS vault keeps your messages private and secure.


Chat securely with other disposable.io users!  Did you know that chat between 555 numbers (on disposable.io) can optionally be encrypted by the strongest AES encryption available?  This level of security is simply not provided by other SMS providers.  

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Thank you for taking an interest. If you have any questions, feel free to open the chat bubble in the lower right of this page.

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